Friday, May 20, 2005


I'd been warned away from Kinsey by people who'd seen it, but I rather liked it, particularly for the actors (Neeson, Linney, Curry, Redgrave}. The biggest problem is the pacing, which, for the first two-thirds of the film is akin to a six-hour TV miniseries with its abundance of detail. Unfortunately, in a cinematic release, one can't do 6 hour marathons, so the script rushes through a bunch of negatives: questionable research methods, political repurcussions, disastrous experiments amongst Kinsey's staff and family. And then we rush to a redemptive scene and end.

But the first two-thirds I really liked. Moose-hung Dr. Kinsey gives up studying bugs when he and his wife find out the reason they can't fuck is simply addressed by a specialist. Kinsey thinks there might be many more problems out there and decides to study human behavior in the bedroom, the haystack, the backseat, the bar bathroom stall, the confessional, etc. Worth a viewing, particularly now as the Christers may once again begin legislating our sexual practices.