Monday, February 08, 2010

Snow Day #4

I'm a bit aggravated to be off for the 4th snow day this year. I mean, a couple snow days are fine, but these days will be added to the end of the school year, and I doubt we're done yet, given that the City is still paralyzed, and there's another 6-12 inches coming tomorrow night. After they add the first five snow days to the end of the school year, headquarters will start erasing them from our Spring Break week in March. I'd much rather work now and play later!

But last night I started to wheeze and cough and ache all over, and this morning I expectorated a chartreuse glob which looked radioactive and had bloody streaks throughout. My lovely wife, who was herself a classroom teacher for a decade, says: 'that happens to teachers at the beginnings of their careers. You constantly have minor colds and sore throats, but if you get a day off for snow, your body says "OK, now I can rest and be really sick."' Fuck that. I want to rest and be well! I probably over-did the snow-shoveling the past couple days, given I had a minor cold heading into this weekend.

True, I've had minor colds and one serious flu over the past two years, but I haven't had my annual sinus infection from hell in three years. I think it's a result of the frustration and stress I felt after last week's performance review. Stress is deadly shit!


ellen cherry said...

do you know what i'm going to write? garlic, raw cloves of it. 2 every few hours, chewed up, with some bread or crackers. shove a half clove up your nose for as long as you can stand it. yes, you'll cry, and it burns, it burns! but the stuff will come out. and then neti pot every hour if you can handle it. i got rid of the sinus infection in two days last month, but sadly, the cough rears its head every four days or so. feel better. i'm sorry you have to stay home, but i'm happy S go to stay home today. your videos are great!! (my word verification is "guldblep" that's the description of the stuff from your face!)

Nyarlathotep said...

I brew up crush garlic, ginger, cayenne pepper and habenero with a bit of onion and lemon juice, then I strain it and drink as broth. Neti pot with kosher sea salt and crushed zinc tablet in the water. And bourbon--lots of bourbon.

Hope you guys are making good use of your down-time!