Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Day #96

Tired. Three straight 12-hour plus days at school. Looks like the snow storm tonight is going to miss us to the north, so no shortened days, alas.

Finished up Crisis Intervention Training this evening. Learned how to get out of choke holds, bites, grips, and how to restrain youths to avoid injury to self and others. Glad to learn what I've been doing for three years now. Wish I'd known this stuff when Lexus pulled that knife in my room at the Book, or when a girl poked sharp scissors at another's face in my room last year at the March, or one of the five times a student threw a heavy metal and ceramic chair across my room, etc, etc.

The training shouldn't be optional, it should be mandatory, and you have it before you set foot in a City class room. Middle school on up!

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