Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Day 90

Schools opened for the first time in a week and a half today. We were two hours late, and will open two hours late for the rest of the week. The justification for this is simple: many roads in Baltimore still have one lane or less cleared, meaning traffic is a nightmare. On top of this, most City kids walk to school, and the sidewalks aren't clear, meaning the kids have to walk in the street much of the time, which means two lanes of traffic and walking kids must fight for space in the same open lane. On icy roads!

So at least rush hour is mostly done and the sun is up after a two-hour delay. The children sliding around in the road are easier to see at 9:00am than at 7:00am, and presumably fewer kids will be run over at that time.

Attendance was pretty sparse--I had about 65% of my kids in class today. We are working on the standardized No Child's Behind Left Untested crap, Phase III. I'm sure the 10-day layoff will be great for their scores! Oh, well. This test will help me figure out what to re-teach before the big annual standardized test in March.

The powers that be have decided to give me a co-teacher for one class, given that they think I'm failing at my job. The co-teacher will work with me first period, during my best-behaved, most academically successful class. Pointless! Why not during 2nd period, or last period, when the kids are off the chain goofballs? Whatever. I might as well just phone it in every day.

It was fun to see the kids after such a long break. They were all stunned and excited and eager to tell their stories about the snow.

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