Friday, February 05, 2010

Here We Go

I love this graphic because of its use of the word "paralyzing." 4-6 inches paralyzes Baltimore, after all. 2-4 sends people rushing off to local groceries and Wal-Marts to stock up, like if they don't buy a loaf and a gallon of 2% they gonna be getting all Donner Party on each other. Nobody in Baltimore has ever been stuck in the house for more than a couple days, even following each of the Storms of the Century at the end of the '90s, and yet folks continue to freak out and to hoard TP and milk and bread before a snow.

18-24 inches is liable to shut this City down for a couple days. When we got a bit more than 20 the Saturday before Xmas, schools were closed the following Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. I don't want any more school days, because they get added to the end of the year in June, or shaved off our Spring Break. I'd rather suffer through school now and enjoy free time later.

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Anonymous said...

take the days off now while you can. For all you know, you could be shit-canned for "incompetence" before the end of the year. then you will wish you had these days off! (Life is short. Eat dessert first.) ha ha ha

:) jv