Thursday, February 18, 2010

Day #91

A bit chaotic today. The kids have been cooped up inside their homes for two weeks, and they are emerging from hibernation and acting out. Nothing too serious in my classes, but a lot of 7th and 8th graders are running gonzo in the halls and disrupting our test-time.

Of course, chaos in the hallway is my fault, as I learned during my performance evaluation...

But whatever. About a fifth of my kids have finished the Benchmark test, and out of the 12 scored so far I have 3 proficient and 2 advanced scores. This bodes well for my data, given I'd only had 8 total proficients on the last Benchmark and no advanced (there were only 11 proficients in the entire sixth grade on the last language arts exam). I have 47 more tests to score...

I'm a bit worried about the two advanced scores, however: both are very bright students, but their scores were OFF THE CHARTS good, as in 51 out of 53 and 50 out of 53. And two of the wrong answers were shared on both papers. No, they couldn't have copied off each other because they are in different classes, but I'm wondering if somebody got hold of an answer sheet. Maybe I'm just paranoid, but wow those scores are slamming!

We will wrap up the test tomorrow and I'll know exactly how much my data improved (or not), and I'll also know how much cash I owe my kids: I told them that each student who passed would get a ten-spot. Last time I only paid five!

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