Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I've ignored my Netflix queue for far too long. I'm starting to get films I don't recall adding to the list!

When Lair of the White Worm first came out, I heard horrible things about it, and never saw it despite being a big fan of Altered States. I dunno, it is bad, but in a good, cheesy, John Waters/early Peter Jackson kind of way. I laughed a lot, and I'm pretty sure Ken Russell intended it that way. The effects are out of a 70's Dr. Who episode, and the acting is hilarious (though Hugh Grant--whose face is now on the cover of the DVD, replacing Amanda Donohoe's because he's actually a star--turns in what I think is his third best performance, after Maurice and Remains of the Day). There's T and A, there's weird vampiristic snake priestesses sporting ivory strap-ons, there's hallucinated scenes of Roman soldiers raping nuns. You know, the typical Ken Russell schtick. As an off-and-on afficionado of cornball horror, I enjoyed it, and would recommend it to those with a similar bent.

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Swanksalot said...

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