Friday, February 19, 2010


Back at Xmas John and Leesha were staying over for the holidays, and John mentioned that he was in the running to do a video for the long-lost Hendrix track "Valleys of Neptune." "Of course I'm only an outside shot to get it," he said with typical modesty. He showed me some impressive mock-ups, and talked about how his already crazy schedule would get crazier if he got this gig.

Well, he got it, and he nailed it. Check this shit out!


ellen cherry said...

that is so kewl!!! does he do videos for indies like me? if i could get a grant or something?

Nyarlathotep said...

John is a wizard, and always has his hand in a gazillion cool projects, from indy films to commercials to TV shows and PBS specials. You've met him at least once (you played at his wedding).

His best man is a fan of yours: I ran into him at your HLAL and NY CD release, I'm not in any position to speak for John, but I know he's one of the biggest music fans I know, and he has a taste for eclectic and independent artists. Who knows what could happen?

Anonymous said...

hey Geoff
thanks for the promo! Glad you liked the video! It's getting a pretty big blitz of promo right now... can't wait to see where it leads!

ellen, I am actually your friend on FB... you DID play at alicia and my wedding a few years back... my best man was John Mentzer, who goes to all your album gigs and stuff... drop me a line any time, I am certain I'd be able to help you with video work. For ME, it's always about schedule. as long as I have time to do it, I can usually ALWAYS get it done!

:) jv