Wednesday, February 03, 2010

a new day

So the Big Cheese rambled up to my room today for the first time in months. Because of the two-hour delay we had about 40% occupancy, but the kids who came were fired up to goof off. Fortunately I had just gotten my kids under control after a loud outburst when she strolled in and mosied on up to the front of the class. Old school educator as she is, she spotted four kids chewing gum and had them "empty they mouths," and reminded me that I should do the same. I always tell the kids "If I don't see or hear it, I don't care if you chew gum." It keeps them busy and awake!

She came to the front of the room and requested a meeting. In her hands were the two detailed emails I'd sent her the previous sleepless evening, with the attached data charts showing that I had doubled the number of proficient kids from Test A to Test B on the NCLB crapola. Tomorrow is Test C and I hope my numbers go up again!

But anyway, we met, and she called my concerns "valid," and she said she was re-writing my review based on "new information" and some "corrections of misunderstandings" of previous conversations she had with the ISTs and the AP following a leadership team meeting.

Translation: I lied my ass off on your review, you didn't fold as expected and you called me on it, and now I am eating my words.


Anonymous said...

should have asked her if she wanted a side of FRIES with that CROW she was eating

:) jv

ellen cherry said...

yay! i'm so glad for you. i needed some good news today and i believe this is it. a victory. you stood up for yourself and got the props that you deserve. i'm so proud!

ajc said...

Yay! That's awesome that you called her on her bullshit. And that she ate her words.

And it's really awesome that you had doubled the number of proficient kids from the two tests! Something is working!

They should institute a faculty review of the administration, bc if it can happen to you, it can happen to anyone.