Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Day #30

It's not all misery and pain. I get a lot of joy out of my job. The joy just gets subsumed by other stuff.

Today T was bugging me in class by talking during instruction, so I "packed" his sneakers. I drew one on the board, very precisely with the logo and stripes appropriately rendered and easily recognizable. Then I drew a trash can under it, with fish bones and chicken bones and flies and stink lines. Then I drew a rat's head poking out of his sneaker. I labelled it: Where T found his shoes.

All the kids were rolling on the floor. "Yo, he packed you up!" they said. T is a very good artist, and I let him "pack" me back. He drew me walking out of Goodwill holding ridiculous banana-shaped shoes with a .25 price tag. Then we had a vote about whose drawing was funnier, and I won.

One more day with the students this week, then Professional Development on Thursday and Friday. Typically I'd call out those days, but I really need to get some work done in my class room. Thursday is filled up with crap meetings, but Friday is wide open.

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Silenus said...

You should read "Fortress of Solitude" dude. Your kids are right out of that book.