Thursday, October 22, 2009


IC Systems: phone number 1-651-204-1347

They've been calling my house for over a year asking for George Chase. There is not now, nor has there ever been, a George Chase at my address. Any dimwit with Google or a phone book could find that out in 20 seconds, but the shitheads at IC Systems can't get anything right, apparently.

Several times now I have told these schmucks "there is no George Chase at this address-stop calling this number" and yet they continue to call here multiple times a day. They leave robo-call messages, they call with live humans, they harrass and annoy.

And they always say "Your number has been listed as bad. It will come out of our cycler tonight and you will get no more calls" when you call back to complain about the continued harrassment.

Tonight they said it AGAIN and then I received a further two calls tonight. "Are you George Chase? Do you know George Chase?" NO, I DO NOT KNOW GEORGE CHASE.

I am documenting every call I get from them online from here on out.


ajc said...

Have you put your phone no number on the national do not call list? Just search for "Do Not Call List" then you can put your number in, then they will send a confirmation email, then you just click on that link. It only takes a few seconds. This way, if this company does call you again you can report them, it's on the do not call website, I've reported several companies. And it really has cutback on the phone calls, the only problem is when they don't show their number.

Nyarlathotep said...

we are on the no-call list, but collection agencies are exempt--it's for retailers and telemarketers and non-profit nuisance calls.