Monday, October 05, 2009

Day #24

They're moving 6 kids out of my over-sized last-period lunatic asylum. This news would overjoy if it weren't for the fact that they're taking the 6 who do their work and stay in their seats.

And then late today I found out they're bringing 5 more kids in. And the 5 who are coming in are kids who got put out their other sections for behavior problems.

"You get a net gain of one less pupil," an administrator told me when I protested. "Take what you can get."

A net gain of one less pupil, but I lose the only 6 sane kids and replace them with 5more loons? Great.

Today: false fire alarm, continuous disruptions by 8th graders running the halls, more than 10 staff out with the flu, and fights galore. It's about time for the honeymoon to be over--and if what we've been through so far is the honeymoon, I may as well file my divorce papers!

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