Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Day #25

T doesn't do work in school. He draws. He draws manga-style, Marvel style, street-style. He also does a hilarious impersonation of me.

Gregorious doesn't do work in school. He stares off into space or talks incessantly. Every day after school he comes and asks me something: "Can you show me how to write my name in Arabic?" or "Can you show me some Tai Chi?" or "Can you teach me something in French?"

I like both these kids, though they are goof-offs. Today they almost fought. T is tall and wiry with a long wing span. Gregorious is squat and bull-thick. I looked up from reading to see T standing over Gregorious, his finger in Gregorious' face. Gregorious slapped his hand away and I heard a typically smart-mouthed girl say "We gonna find out who the big wolf is now."

Let's just say I got there in time, and kicked a desk in the process, and man-handled T back into his seat and gave him a good dressing-down. Then I called both parents.

I don't know who is the alpha wolf in RM 204, but it's definitely not me. The sixth graders have been running amuck all week so far!

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