Monday, October 12, 2009

Day #29

Surprise audit today by the Special Ed office. I took my 2nd period class to lunch; after a half-hour in the cafeteria they come back to me for an additional hour of language arts. When I went to fetch them I found out that the administrator who usually supervises their lunch had been called away to teach a class for a sick faculty member.

The 6th graders were unattended for 30 minutes in the cafeteria. People had milk in their hair, on their clothes, and there were semi-thawed green peas everywhere.

When I got my class back to the room they were jazzed and smelly. It took 22 minutes to get them situated. The entire time the poor special ed lady was watching and taking detailed notes.

I was very pleased when I finally got to speak to her. She noted that I had too many special needs kids to be alone in the room, and she wrote very complimentary things even though the time she was in the room was a disaster. She made interesting and helpful suggestions, many of which I'd already tried, but she wasn't condescending or antagonistic. She was there to help, not to judge. A breath of fresh air!

A large chunk of my new class room library arrived today. Time to start organizing them and putting them out for use. Another top priority to add to the other 2 dozen...

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