Thursday, October 08, 2009

Day #27

An 8th grader tried to put a sleeper hold on me and got his ass flipped. Then another 8th grader challenged me to arm-wrestle. He stood on my arm and couldn't pin me. Then the math teacher Mr. E challenged me and all the kids got all excited. Mr. E throws plates around at the gym every night, but though he got me past zenith a bit he couldn't get me close to down. The kids were frenzied watching the bout, which ended in a disappointing draw. While E was bent over and straining I pointed at his arm and said "look at that cannon!" Then he grunted and said "I can't move him" and he gave up. My arm, as the kids would say, be throbbin'.

Two fights in class today. Eddie Munster dropped his Munster punch again while fighting a much bigger boy. His schtick is to climb up on a desk, growling, and then to leap through the air with his fist out like some Palm of Death muthafucka. The two times I've seen this the Munster punch has connected with me rather than its intended target. Fortunately Eddie is only 4'2" tall and about 45 pounds, so the punch ain't worth much beyond the theatrical. But he is the only 6th grader with a mustache, so he gets props. Certainly is fearless, which works against him, because jive-ass big sixth graders who are too scared to fight kids their own size like to get Eddie mad enough to fight, and then they beat the shit out of him. But Eddie keeps coming.

Despite the fights and the silliness today was a very good day. I got through my lessons, the kids like the Bluford books, and they are very excited that I am getting a big new library from awesome Donors Choose donors. Rock!

Tired! Tomorrow progress reports come out so we have half-a-day with kids and half-a-day for parent conferences. I expect a handful of parents to show, so I can hopefully get some work done in my room.

Tonight I plan to drink heavily.


Nick said...

How you doin', you freaky ass white dude you? If anything, your writing is thriving under the circumstances.

Nyarlathotep said...

Doing well. Any thriving is purely unintentional. But thanks. There's a back log of stuff I still need to get out.