Friday, October 30, 2009


Hallucinogens, hallucinations of demonic cartoon cats, alcoholism, the early glory days and gradual cheapening of American animated cartoons and films, suicide (murder?), sexual improprieties, psychoanalysis--it's all here on The Boulevard of Broken Dreams.

I need a cheerful graphic novel. Anyone know a quality graphic novel which isn't so bleak? I mean, I'm a fan of bleak, and revel in bleakness, but is there a joyous one out there? Just for a change?


Designerd said...

try some comic BOOKs, not just graphic novels. PLENTY of fun stuff there. Funny? Try GROO (a really funny fav from my childhood)

Sergio Aragon├ęs was a MAD magazine artist (best known for his "Marginal Humor" doodles

I saw a few years back that they made trade paperbacks out of the series (like they did with Prometheus that you lent me) and I picked some of them up, and laughed (again) so so hard...

anyway, maybe it's not your bag. But I loved them, and they certainly are light and funny

:) jv

Nyarlathotep said...

I got MAD from 1972-1989 or so. I know me some Aragones. Little marginal doodles, brilliant stuff!

Actually my paternal grandmother got MAD and gave it to me when she was done!

ellen cherry said...

not really less bleek, but it might appeal to your other "sensibilities" is "Lost Girls". I got my parents to get it for me off Amazon last year for Christmas. when you read it, you'll know why this makes me laugh. you can borrow! but i must have back. i read it over and over.