Friday, September 11, 2009

Donors Choose

I am trying to get more books for my class room library via Donors Choose. Please don't fault me for the clunky language in my appeals essay: someboday at Donors Choose apparently tried to "fix" it, and now it is less clear.* But what remains clear is my kids need more books to borrow and read in class, and you can help me get them more engaging titles to choose from by clicking here and throwing some bucks their way.

Thanks for the help!

*An example of their 'editing': I wrote "The kids are curious, and given support and supplies they can improve." They changed it to: "The kids are curious and were given support and supplies so they can improve." WTF? They also changed the title, "Get My Students to Reading Level" (which in teacher parlance means the grade level at which they are supposed to read)to "Get My Students to A Reading Level," which sounds like any old reading level would do. Goof balls!

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