Thursday, September 17, 2009

Day #13

In lieu of an actual post, please accept this brief glimpse of the neighborhood around The March. I thought I'd taken better video, but was not recording when I thought I was, and vice-versa. One has to be careful with a camera in certain parts of town, after all. Let's just say I have a nice extended clip of my upholstery. I wish I could show the video I took in class today of Raptor and Jeremiah stabbing each other with pencils. They call it "stingin'." I first encountered this game at The Book 3 years back. Also, I had a student wrap a shirt sleeve around his classmate's neck and tie a knot in it. I just happened to see the boy turn bright red and "fall out" in time.


ajc said...

Well if you get in an accident while driving, at least you'll have video so you can show who hit who.

Nyarlathotep said...

you mean who hit WHOM