Monday, September 28, 2009

Day #19

First real in-class fight today. Eddie Munster, about 4 feet tall and 11 years old, versus Henry, about 6 feet tall and 14 years old. Henry kept bugging him by kicking his chair, trying to agitate Eddie, who said three times "I'm a bang you if you don't stop!" I moved Henry's desk about three feet back personally and gave him the pinch of death until he fell on the floor. "Henry, don't play with him," I warned. Next thing I knew Henry was kicking the chair again, Eddie Munster was up, and then Eddie Munster was flying through the air, hitting his head on a desk and falling down. His glasses went flying too. I grabbed Henry and wrapped him up and frog-marched him to the door. Eddie came running up behind me, jumped, and tried to punch Henry on the side of the head, but I deflected him with The Noisemaker.

I flung Henry out in the hallway and pulled the door closed, then took Eddie by the shoulder and walked him over to the intercom where I called for support. The police came and took both of them away.

Eddie came back to class later with a nice goose egg on the back of his head. I sent him right to the nurse, which they should have done from the office.

Lots of banging on things, lots of whistling, lots of shouting today. Three day weekends always fire the kids up, and they forget how to sit still and learn. Can't really shout, unfortunately, because though I am feeling much better I still have a raspy cough and sore throat.

Back to it tomorrow.

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