Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Day #2

Had to call houses today already. Called up Gramma Mamie and she said "Oh, Lord, Mr. G. Montrell graduated 8th grade last year. Why you still callin' me?"

"Sorry Mamie I have his little brother this year."

"What'd he do?"

Two more of the parents I had to call today know me well from older siblings last year acting out. Some things never change.

A bit hectic today. Two of my classes required The Noisemaker and the whistle already. Even at Booker T. I had a two-week honeymoon period with the sixth graders before the buffoonery started.

During 2nd period I was reprimanding a young man for talking out of turn when the principal walked in. She sat down to observe and the young man started talking again. I said "Tyrese you are talking again" and wrote his name on the board and he kept talking. The Head Cheese jumped all over his shit, and then he talked AGAIN. Dag, even the Head Cheese gets ignored up in this joint!

Despite the aggravation, I'm learning a lot about the kids and their crazy amazing brains. Ideas are perculating, and I hope I get to do some actual teaching this year. Funny to hear a couple of the kids singing Ellen Cherry's "We Are Baltimore" song. While they were singing it another said "yo! that's the song!" Awesome.


ellen cherry said...

what?!?!?! that is crazy. crazy awesome.

Nyarlathotep said...

Dude-get off the 'puter and practice some cello.