Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Day #20

Day started with a fight in my first period class. A tall tough gal and a short wimpy boy started wrasslin' near my LCD projector. I howled at them to stop, they pushed back and forth, then the boy was holding lamely onto her hairweave as she popped him repeatedly in the eye and nose. She ended up with a tangled wig and he had a bloody face. He still tried to claim victory, but nobody was buying it.

Called beaucoup parents today. Tired of the shenanigans in 2nd period. They broke my little hourglass timer with their foolishness. The sand and broken glass made the floor extra slippery, and one little girl immediately ran over, picked up a shard, and started carving something onto her wrist. I called her mother for the 8th day in a row and asked if there was something we could do about her impossible behavior. "Get my boyfriend to stop selling her medicine," the woman said.

I just want to teach, but I have to be a cop, a nurse, a parent, a counselor, a negotiator, and a frazzled old man all at once.

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