Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Day #12

I have some sixth graders who look like they're 20 something. One girl is taller than I am, and is fully developed at age 11. Aside from her continuous silliness and the drawings of hearts and butterflies, she could be 25. I have a couple young men who are either my height or taller. One is a moose, with thick shoulders and big fists. According to the gym teacher he weighs in at 170, and he's not chubby.

I weighed 140 pounds in 7th grade, and I was big at that age. They used to have me wrestle the fat kids in gym class because they were the only ones at my weight level. 170 at age 11 is ridiculous. And he's very defiant to boot, often trying to get in my face or bump me with his shoulder. That's fine. I still top him by 20 lbs, and my workout regime is a bit more strenuous than his.

I called a parent today because her daughter is very clingy and helpless in class, and while her mobility is OK I noticed occasional hitches in her gait and uncontrollable spasms from time to time. I was concerned. Her mother said "Yeah, she's a bit funny since she got hit by the bus last year." I asked if she'd had neurological testing. "My daughter is FINE. You leave her be!" Sure, I'll leave her be.

Mohair fashioned himself a straight jacket out of his windbreaker. He lay on the floor and rolled around gibbering as I lectured on test-taking skills. I took an HD video, and wish I could post it, but I lack the requisite permissions. Maybe when I get a few minutes free I'll edit the movie in Adobe Premier Elements so you can't see his face, and post it.

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ajc said...

Hey I hear Queen Latifah is looking for the next big female hiphop/rap artist. She's touring and in every city she promises to use local talent to open her show. Maybe some of you students would be interested? Girls only though.