Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Day #11

I got some kids who are batshit insane*, who have never been tested. One little guy bursts into tears at wholly inappropriate times and laughs hysterically whenever somebody says something sad. He runs around the room and around and around and can't stop talking. I called his mom today for the fifth time in two weeks and she said "I want him tested for psychological problems." I was just prepping to suggest this and to be denied; the fact that she wants testing is amazing. Most of the parents in the City I've dealt with don't want it. They think it's a stigma of some sort. But this kid needs services, and he is ruining the chances for other kids to learn, through no fault of his own.

Last period was a constant war and I even gave them a test and they still couldn't focus and be quiet. I had to leave at 15 minutes before dismissal for a doctor's appt, and I couldn't even get out of the room. I packed up while they were working on the test, the other two adults in the room were clued in that I was bailing at 2:20, and I was going to just play it cool and sneak out, but got swarmed by kids with questions and demands. I got out finally 7 minutes before dismissal, and was 10 minutes late for my check-up.

A rough day, topped off by a prostate exam. Woot!

*Yes, it "takes one to know one"

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