Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My new axe

So the Senator Theater has been in the news again recently because Tom Kiefaber is overextended financially and his life-long mission to save this Art Deco gem from demolition or (worse) conversion into a suburban corporate multiplex is once again in danger of failing.

I wish a consortium of actors who give a shit would just buy the damn thing and put restrictions on what can be done with it. Ed Norris and others step up now and again to help out but Kiefaber needs bank--if the City takes over to manage it The Senator is doomed. Within weeks Alonso will open a middle school there.

The Senator is the best place to see a movie in this area by far. The Charles has crappy sound and often they can't get their pictures in focus (good popcorn though). The Landmarks and the Regals and all those other places are ok, but they show the same crappy ass pictures everybody else shows, and you got mobs of kids with laser pointers and cell phones fucking shit up all the time. And the Earle? I wouldn't recommend it unless you're Paul Ruebens.

I didn't make it to the gala weekend concerts to save the Senator, but did my part by buying this guitar which was donated by Paul Reed Smith and signed by some dignitaries concerned with the cause. I've always wanted Josh Groban's signature.

I should get the new guitar any day now, and plan to fire it up at Mick O'Shea's on 2.27.


Designerd said...

sweet... are you going to play it, or mount it on the wall, like my NIN guitar?

ellen cherry said...

i played the benefit this weekend, but had major reservations in doing so...only because....are we going to do this every 6 months? i agree though, the city taking it over seems scary.

but as a music venue, i have to admit, it is lovely and was great to play in. plus, the audience looked REALLY comfy. i wish he could get his sh** together so i would have a place do to put together interesting shows once per year or something. and a nice place, close by to see great acts play or something. who knows.

congrats on the guitar! looks like you're going to need it with all the gigs, yay!!

Nyarlathotep said...

I'll play it--I won't mind much if David Arquette's autograph smears off.

I've only seen music there once, and it was great--Michael Hedges, about 20 years ago.

And we're playing other venues! Woo-hoo.

fernie said...