Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Day 45

Blegh. Sick, sick, sick. Sigh.

I've hit upon a solution for some of the pointless meetings scheduled each week: I stopped going. My 8th grade team meeting is always a great brainstorming session where we come up with lots of ideas and then decide we're going to do something and we all commit to do that thing and then only I do it, and the following week we move on. Because we never actually follow through on the ideas generated, the meeting turns into a catastrophic waste of my planning time. I need EVERY MINUTE OF MY PLANNING TIME FOR PLANNING AND GRADING, or I have to work nights and weekends. Um, no.

So I stopped going. Today the team leader came up to my room and said "were you here yesterday?" and I said "oh yes" and then he looked confused and wandered off. This proves that I can stop going to these meetings without consequence.

Today I had a meeting with the English Department chair. I didn't go, because when I do go she always talks smack about other teachers, and while I might agree with some of her assessments, I find this a terrible breach of professional etiquette. So I stopped going to her meetings too. She saw me later and didn't say anything, because she probably had more important things to do as well. Of course she probably told everyone who showed for their meetings about how that worthless Mr. G don't bother showin' up for nuthin'...

I wonder if I can swing not going to the monthly faculty meeting? Well-timed sick days? Here I am, actually sick, and it didn't hit until two days past the faculty meeting. Bum luck, that. I think, in fact, that the stress of Monday's worthless 90-minute snooze fest is what knocked the final underpinnings from my already-undermined immune system.

Cha is in New Orleans for a conference. I miss her.

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