Thursday, February 12, 2009

Day 46

So the sixth grade girl who threw a chair at me last week was found having sex in the teacher's lounge this morning. "Having sex" in her case of course means being raped, because not only is she still a young child, but she's also often not really cognizant of her surroundings and/or what's right or wrong or in her own best interest.

But can the sixth-grade boy involved really be guilty of rape? Argh. It's like the case I saw recently where young teens who traded nude photos of themselves on cell phones were charged with possessing child porn. I think the boy responsible knew her susceptibility, and knew what he was about by luring her upstairs before school started, but ugh. What a mess. Now I know why her brother was so glum when I talked to him in the hall this morning. Like so much depressing and terrible information, one has to note this and move on and teach tomorrow and hope the child gets the help she needs.

I lost my voice third period and couldn't reign those bastards in. I finally flipped out and threw stuff and tried to guilt them in a hoarse whisper when they quieted down:"A lot of these City teachers call out sick every week. I drag my sick ass up in here and you treat me like dirt. We have a Benchmark test next week and I can't talk over you--that's why I came in sick today, because I know you need to get ready for that test. You need to learn these skills." About 2/3 of the class gave a hoot, the rest have no concept of guilt nohow. They thought my schpeil was funny.

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