Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Gig

It's all a blur. I was so exhausted I don't remember much of the first two sets, which passed in a surreal haze. I felt I wasn't playing with any passion, like I was a robot. And singing wasn't comfortable yet--still not completely recovered from the dread sore throat a couple weeks back. We played a set of jigs and I got lost about a third of the way in and never found my way back. Ooops.

When we got the bar the stage wasn't set up yet. We waited an hour and a half for a couple to finish their beers and leave so we could move their table and start putting the gear together; then there was a mad rush to get set in time, and very little time for a sound-check. So we had some tech issues for the first set. But a couple of our new songs came off well.

This is from the 3rd set--I realized during the break that I hadn't eaten since about10:30am, and the bar kitchen was closed. Fortunately Cha had a Chic-fil-a sandwich in her car from a meeting she'd hosted earlier in the day. This restored by soul. Funny how I can still pull off a reasonable Rick O with a lung full of blech and a scratchy throat.

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