Thursday, February 19, 2009

City Life

The evening started out with a quick dash to Famous Yakatori One, which combines cuisines of historic enemies Korea and Japan into a single behemoth of yummy and cheap options. Yeah, it's cramped, and smoky, and they play absurdly loud hip-hop, but the Jijgae is fucking awesome and you get a lot of food cheap. They always give us something free, too, like smelly tofu, or an extra kimchee, or fried ice cream. I got a big fucking hot sake for $1 during happy hour. Ridiculous!

We rushed through our meal because we were going to see "Killer Joe" at Single Carrot Theater. It's an awesome venue; I mean you are literally right in the living room of a dive ass country trailer. I don't know how to describe the play--kind of like a Russell Banks novel mixed with Mama's Family. It's by turns hilarious and disturbing, and though the play is set in Texas it took me back to my Southern PA roots. The place was pretty full, but it only sits about 30 or 40 people, who were very engaged in the show--some quite actively, with exclamations of surprise and delight. A very intimate and involving theater experience. With nudity. You need to get out and see this one--support your local theater troops.

And we happened to find out that Ellen Cherry was playing right across the street at Joe Squared, so we hopped over after the play to see her and hung out for a while. Cast members joined us for drinks, which was fun. Good tunes, good food, good booze, good drama--and all on a school night. I shall curse myself tomorrow morning.

Dag. Now I remember why we moved to the City in the first place.

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