Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Oh my lord

Got my ass handed to me today at the March. My homeroom/first period class? 8th graders. Only half of them showed up and they were nuts. Many did some work, but they ignored me outside of a fifteen minute respectful window and did whatever the hell they wanted.

Third period? Not bad. Another 8th grade class--some lunatics, but workable. About half the kids seemed interested--several asked if they could help me set up the room. The jerks in this class are at least amusing. Particularly the ones who said "You see in the paper what we do to white teachers here? We put one in the hospital last year."

My last-period class? Oh, goodness. 7th graders. Complete chaos. Vandalized my windows, my blinds, my walls, started pulling my stuff out of crates and hitting each other with it. I had no luck at all with them. Called me: cracker, redneck, McCain, mofo, bitch--everything. It's hard to discipline kids when you don't know their names. Something I will rectify by Friday.*

I need parent phone numbers badly.

*unless I quit first.

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