Saturday, November 08, 2008

Electronic Immortality

Steven Hart has been unaccountably kind to this blog for some time, and now he's granted me Bloggy Knighthood by conferring the Superior Scribbler Award.

To avoid accruing electronic chain-letter curses, I nominate in turn five superior blogs:

Seth at B12Partners Solipsism--he's turned me on to many fine films and books and CDs over the years.

Casey and crew at The Contrarian, where the topics range from spirituality and politics to music regulation lobbying and beyond!

Emily at Car Parts, Bottles, and Cutlery--she averages about a billion comments a day, and with good reason.

Steven Hart's Opinion Mill already got the nod, but his less politically focused StevenHartSite is also an excellent daily stop: a fave regular feature is his Blue Monday series.

And finally a shout-out to a blog newby who's handling his business in more ways than one: John at Sound in Motion.


MarcH said...

Thanks for the recommendation of The Opinion Mill. I've been looking for a new daily read to add to the list...just read 2 entries and I'm already hooked.

Nyarlathotep said...

Steven is a fellow Mencken devotee, so there's little surprise you like his stuff.