Monday, November 24, 2008

Day 13

Kids are nuts--three day week before a major holiday break has them on edge and eager to get out. Teachers are grumpy and tired of the bullshit. I got fed up with my classes today and just started calling parents right in front of them. One kid who throws stuff and plays around all day every day called me a fucking liar when I told his mom on the phone what he's been up to. Then I told her I was taking him to the principal's office for cussing me out.

I'm not playing any more.

Last period I was blocking the door trying to prevent kids from leaving my class before dismissal and a bonehead tried to dive between my legs. He hit his skull on my right knee and got himself a nice lump on the edge of his fade. Fortunately he didn't take out my knee in the process.

I found out from Ms. J next door that the teacher I replaced left because a student pushed him and threatened him and that student only got two days' suspension. Great.


Anonymous said...

go get Mr. Tracey out of retirement.......

Casey said...

They need restraints built into the seats.