Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Day 14

I'm calling houses. Every day I'm calling houses. Kids say "Why you call my house?" and I say "Hmmm, perhaps because you threw a magic marker, you punched a kid in the stomach, you wrote on the window in glue, you cussed me out, you stole my stapler and used it to staple a girl's gloves to her coat, you went in my cabinet without permission, you walked out of class without a pass, you threatened to flatten my tires, you told me you were going to "pluck/stuff/pop" me, you have a 7.3% average in language arts after three weeks of second quarter assignments, you came in 55 minutes late each of the last 13 days, you never wear your uniform, you use your cell phone in class and I can hear your iPod right now..."

"Yeah," he asks, "but why you call my house?"

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