Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Day 10

A long, brutal day at work. My first and third period classes are suddenly in line--many aren't doing their work, but they're engaged and attentive to a surprising degree. I got through to them with my guilt trips and threats--or something. I never know what works. Sometimes it's just student whim, or they happen to be into whatever skill is on the pacing guide for the day (today was conflict--always popular with kids). It's like one student told me after school yesterday: "We gots to warm up to you, ya dig? Some bitches come in here all high-'n-mighty and they bullshit. We gonna wear you out and see what you made of."

Behavior was OK for the most part but I had to really lay down the law with my last class again. Yesterday Duracell threw a pen at another student and hit me in the eye. I jumped all over him and then a general magic marker fight started in class. I made the whole class write me letters of apology today, and then made them write me a persuasive essay telling me why I should continue to let them make creative projects instead of doing reading comprehension packets every day. Then I had them make me posters about bad things that can happen when classroom rules are violated.

I turn unfortunate events into language arts teaching activities. Weee!

Then I had to keep some kids for detention, and then others stayed to help re-do my bulletin boards. All they really did was make a giant mess which I cleaned up at 5:30before dragging my weary ass home. 6:30 am in the building and 5:30 heading home--ugh.

Now I'm too pooped to go to rehearsal tonight, which sucks. I like rehearsal, and we have a big gig Saturday--our first with drums since July. Our rehearsal last Friday was pretty spectacular, however, so I have every confidence we'll be on point. We have another full-band rehearsal Friday.

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