Thursday, November 13, 2008

Day 7

So today I punished my third period class for not paying attention to me yesterday by giving them a quiz on the stuff they didn't pay attention to. The kids who DID pay attention aced it and those who didn't said "I don't care. Get out my face."

Last period Duracell and Gwynn Falls decided to start throwing my Bluford books at each other--the ones that are left, that is, after somebody stole 47 paperbacks yesterday. As one of my four Breonnas put it today: "Them's some thievin' muthafuckas." Thank goodness they're only $1 each. I ordered five more full sets, and plan to collect a $1 from each kid who wants to borrow them from now on. Dollar returned on receipt of the book, or they can exchange for a new title.

Tomorrow is Professional Development Day. We have to work, but there are no kids. I asked if, instead of being tortured at the PD center, I could work in my classroom, and I was granted permission to do so by the Big Cheese. I am going to get so much work done. Can't wait!

Drinking tonight. And going to see some music at El Rancho Grande.

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