Tuesday, April 10, 2007

What goes around

Man, I was watching that Don Imus show on MSNBC. Sure are a bunch of fucked-up looking crackers, like refugees from a Cormac McCarthy novel. Imus resembles the Crypt Keeper in a cowboy hat. How many bags of plasma does he require to keep going every day? Bernard McGuirk is one pasty-assed piece of weak-looking shit. That cueball haircut is about as becoming as Brittney's shaved snatch, and he looks like Mr. Greenjeans dead three decades and exhumed. Charles could be the villain in a Hong Kong action movie from the 70s. That sports guy Chris Carlin makes the Michelin Man look svelte.

Some of Imus's guests are even wussier than Imus and crew: Tom "Imus is misunderstood" Oliphant looks like H.P. Lovecraft in a bow tie. Howard "you can't say that anymore" Fineman is frumpier than Droopy Dogg, and has girly noodle arms.

I'd like to see the Scarlet Knights women's basketball team beat the shit out of all these fucking losers. THAT would be great television.

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