Monday, April 09, 2007

can't stop the dancing chickens

Our pet dove loves its new cage, which is roomier and features built-in cups for food and water. These cups became the object of strange bowing and chirping behavior, with the dove standing to one side and performing mysterious rituals not unlike the gestures of a bishop consecrating a church.

We'd always assumed this bird was male because of the absence of eggs. But the dove, devout follower of Oestre, laid an egg yesterday. In the sacred food dish.


alicia said...

It's a miracle! The male dove that laid an egg just in time for easter. Alert the media. And put pictures of the would be presidential candidates up, maybe he/she will peck at the next pres.

geoff said...

Even more bizarre is her sudden tolerance of petting. She no longer fears and despises us.

I'd like to train her to peck any and all presidents. In the eye.

alicia said...

of course she likes you now, you finally got her out of that haunted house!