Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Better late than

How good of the MSM to start doing the reporting Americans needed four years ago. I remember going to the State Department web site and reading transcripts of Colin Powell and Condi Rice discussing how Iraq was no threat to anyone because of our containment strategy was working, while they were saying the exact opposite publicly. It was rather easy to find qualified debunkers of the nuclear weapons charges Bush and Cheney were making against Saddam as well. All it took was a Google search of the Internet tubes and pipes.

The Post article introduces a grand opportunity for excellent muck-raking journalism in its final paragraph:

It remains unclear who fabricated the documents. Intelligence officials say most likely it was rogue elements in Sismi who wanted to make money selling them.

Gee, I wonder who fabricated those documents? Or who commissioned the forgery? Couldn't have been an asshole like Doug Feith, could it? I can't imagine the Office of Special Plans doing such a thing. At all.

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