Monday, April 02, 2007

Getting Situated

We had guests this weekend--Leesha and Big Red and Chalupa came in from NYC for their co-ed wedding shower, and Bibs came up from NC. Our TV room served temporarily as guest room because the library is a shambles.

With the kind help of our guests we went to Fell's Point and fetched a new old dining room set. It needs some TLC--cleaning, new fabric--but is very sturdy and exactly the size we needed for our dining room. And it was cheap. The dealer called the set "mid-century" but all we know about its provenance is that a Russian immigrant brought it from her Moscow apartment and sold it on consignment. Looks SCAN-ish. The dealer also said it was blond mahagony, which resembles teak.

Next time we have K'wali and Klezma over we'll be able to sit around a table, instead of on coolers and toolboxes and whatnot. Julio and Yo! Adrienne helped us break it in last evening. We had pancit and lumpia and Chinese delivery.

Friday went to Dukem for the first time. Very tasty, and quite reasonable. I had more lamb than I could manage. Initially the dish was disappointingly mild, but there were pockets of chili that made things worthwhile in the end. I also enjoyed the Ethiopian beer, which I believe was called Haras, but I can't find it online. Reminiscent of San Miguel, but strangely sweet.

Felt good to have people in the house. Hopefully in short order we can do so more regularly and more comfortably.


Anonymous said...

Ah Dukem. Always such an experience. The food is amazing, but everyone who works there is 1) completely addlepated and 2) seems to be involved in a million concurrently running dramas with each other and with the weirdos shambling in every 5 minutes. - Emily

geoff said...

So true! There were two poor souls (the women, of course) trying to serve one billion customers, and it took us a good 45 minutes to get our food. Meanwhile there were several guys apparently associated with the business standing around downstairs sneering at the customers.

alicia said...

hope you don't mind, I used your pics of emily and ethan for the wedding website. They were too cute.

geoff said...

I'll see you in court!