Wednesday, April 25, 2007


I rarely eat breakfast, but this morning fortified myself with dried mango and Goldfish crackers. I'll need the extra energy because our niece and nephew are staying over tonight. My sister changed jobs and her new gig doesn't participate in Take Your Rugrats to Work Day. My office doesn't participate either, so Aunt Cha is taking the kids around with her as she works with teachers in the Baltimore City Schools. From the Mayberry stretches of rural south central PA to the set of season 4 of The Wire! A big adventure for Danie and Jesse.

It's a busy week. Tomorrow I'm supposed to meet with a co-worker of Cha's who is going with her to a weekend conference in Cleveland. I've agreed to dogsit for said co-worker and am going to meet the beastie. Friday SCAN is at long last delivering our living room furniture, which I fear will be eaten by my canine charge.

We need some rugs, some curtains, and bookcases. LOTS of bookcases. And then we'll be officially moved in. Wow.

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