Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The State of Things

An interesting (and sad) article about public libraries becoming de facto shelters for the homeless and mentally disturbed. I've worked in book retail and in a library setting, so this hit home. I think of Dutch Boy pissing on the couch in Borders, or Special Forces claiming he was being followed, or Marxism Man calling me a Communist for banning him after he tore a list of US Presidents out of a reference book. At the bookstore I'd say at least three or four hours a week of manager/supervisor time went to dealing with similar situations. At the Liberry a single schizophrenic or otherwise troubled patron could wreck the operation of the Periodicals section at night, because we had limited staff to assist others while dealing with a paranoid woman who thought the copy machines were recording her movements.

[Link via B12Parnters]

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Toni said...

How can copy machines record her every movement?