Thursday, April 19, 2007

Travelin' Jones

We've been seriously considering a return trip to Europe, but it's not a good time, alas. I think I still have a 50 Euro bill from back when the Euro was worth seventy-nine cents. A tidy return on investment!

I have some pounds sterling too socked away somewhere, but I think the last time I tried to cash them I was told the notes were too old. That was in Belgium, however.

[Racy Euro bills courtesy of MySpaceComedy]


Seth Anderson said...

speaking of travel, did you ever see the Michael Palin Himilaya documentary? Travels around each of the countries touched by the mountain chain (India, Pakistan, Nepal, Tibet, etc.). I have two more episodes to go (out of six), but I'm really enjoying it.

geoff said...

I caught a 20-minute chunk of that on the Travel Channel months ago. He was in a valley somewhere with a very interesting ancient group whose traditions, language and race were entirely unconnected to anyone in the region. He taught English words to a group of young children.

I've seen his Pole to Pole and Round the World series and they were excellent; I'll Netflix it.

Seth Anderson said...

Yes, the Kalash. Palin is such a ham, right? Whenever the scene is dulll, he'll do something silly.