Friday, April 14, 2006

Summit in Tehran

Years of Bush family conspiracy paranoia going back to the late 80s have given me a second sense regarding their actions. Therefore, I know what's precipitating all this saber-ratting between Bush and the Iranians--it is Bush's low approval rating as many suspect, but is not due to any neo-con hopes of starting another war in an attempt to resuscitate his ailing image.

Bush I's cadre of October Surprise and Iran-Contra connections run deep in Iran. Karl Rove is working with these cats to stir up a big media show-crisis in order to save W.'s bacon and present the possibility of a Commander-in-Chief moment for Jr.

Imagine Bush announcing he's going to Tehran. Oh, how the media will swoon once again! He'll be strutting in his codpiece anew across the deck of a carrier in the Gulf, aiming that Texas boot heel right at rattlesnake Ahmadinejad's neck. Crisis averted, war averted, nuclear threat at least temporarily curtailed. I can already see the Democrats running for cover, afraid to criticize this new Nixon* who breaks down barriers with such strength and conviction.

Of course this is just Machiavellian enough to work; Bush family paranoia,however, requires a bit more umph, a bit more panache. While in Tehran, Bush will formally apologize for the US role in Mossadegh's ouster, thus becoming a hero to Iranian liberals still fuming that we turned their enlightened Republic into a fascist hell-hole that developed as a result into a religious fundamentalist state. Or, for even more panache, Bush will travel back in time and actually put Mossadegh back in power, using one of those time-travel trailers found in Saddam's arsenal...

*why not get a Nixon-in-China moment to go with all those other parallels?

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