Wednesday, April 26, 2006


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My dreams have been monstrous lately--I mean Edgar Cayce has nothing on me. I've seen transformative cataclysms coming down the pike.

Last night's dreams were more bizarre than prophetic. At one point I was in the Brethren in Christ Church in Loganville, PA, sitting with Cha in the pew where my paternal grandfather sat for years. In the pew in front of us were Snoop Dogg and his coterie. Cha noticed they were hitting a small brass pipe and asked them to share the wealth. I was mortified at such behavior in church. In the dream Snoop and I went way back to our days working fast food together as teens. He busted my ass as an uptight beyatch overly concerned about appearances. He said something about "Jesizzle-us knows you frazizzle up in your homebase anyhow." Examining my motives, I realized that Snoop was in fact correct: I didn't care if someone smoked in church, I just didn't want people to see me doing it. I was being a hypocrite, a most cardinal sin.

So I smoked in church and we were fallin' out and actin' a fool. Somehow we ended up in a subterranean bowling alley in a cavern curiously similar to Lol-tun, and when my alarm went off I was super-disoriented because Snoop of course has the primo dream herb.

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