Tuesday, April 04, 2006

DeLaying the Inevitable

The news that Tom DeLay withdrew from his re-election effort in Texas was bittersweet. I've grown so used to hating the guy that I find myself faced with a vacuum where once was a surefire outlet for negativity. Sure, we've still got Rove and Cheney and Bush and Rummy and all those other cats in the Whole Sick Crew, so there's no lack of hatred targets. But I have so much to go around. Who will step up and fill the void?

I'm hoping DeLay turns State's Evidence and rats out everybody for everything. I want Reed and Norquist behind bars for starters. Reed will have more reasons than prayer to kneel in prison.

DeLay's claim to be doing this for the good of his own party doesn't wash. I wonder if he was pushed out of the race? Can't imagine who'd have the cojones to try that move.

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