Sunday, April 23, 2006


I don't know that this example of holiday cheer was the first slasher flick to use the POV of a heavy-breathing killer, but I don't recall seeing an example earlier than 1974. I've seen a billion since, to the unfortunate detriment of Black Christmas, which loses its effect due to multiple rip-offs and parodies through intervening decades. Lots of 'jokes' about fellatio and feminism and sexual liberation which may have seemed shocking 30 years ago simply don't hold up. Nor does a plot wherein to prevent the rest of the murders all the cops have to do after the initial disappearance is to set foot in the goddam house where all the eventual murders take place and look around a bit! All the standard horror flick cliches are in evidence, excepting bare bosoms--though a young and surprisingly healthy Margot Kidder comes close. Hussy keeps her heaving Romeo and Juliet cleavage under firm wraps.

A mysteriously good cast almost succeeds in rescuing this mess: Olivia Hussy, Margot Kidder, Keir Dullea (!), and John Saxon all star. Definitely superior to Silent Night, Deadly Night, but were I to rank holiday slasher flix I'd still put My Bloody Valentine at the top, if only for the nail-gun scene.

Wonderful. Great performances, great songs, lavish film-making. Jammed it at top volume. Cha and I were even dancing at one point.

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