Saturday, April 08, 2006


Ennis and Jack take a gig up on Brokeback mountain guarding a herd of sheep. Jack spends his nights on the mountain shooting at coyotes, coming down to basecamp where Ennis has meals ready for him. Ennis is quiet and coiled like a laborer out of Cormac McCarthy. Jack is more loose and easygoing, like someone out of Midnight Cowboy. Ang Lee directs their emerging relationship as simply another natural feature of Wyoming; there are trees, peaks, rivers, coyotes, and boys being boys alone in this vastness.

Unfortunately no landscape is big enough for Ennis and Jack to live and love on their own terms. They get married after Brokeback, they have kids and lives, and don't see one another but a handful of times in 20 years. The sadness of this hidden love permeates everything.

This is a well-made tragic romance. It breaks no new ground excepting the obvious, but is simple and beautiful and sad.

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