Monday, April 24, 2006

Back to School?

Man, I totally saw an ad for what might be a great teaching job at a local private college of some standing. A full-time non-tenure-track lectureship, earning about what I make now, and having a month off at Xmas and summers off as well...a job requiring precisely the few mostly un-marketable skills I have.

Six courses a year is cake, man. But not only would I have to teach freshman composition (which in all honesty I don't mind that much)--I'd have to teach tech writing as well. I loathe that idea.

But one thing's certain--I can't do this evening/Sunday schedule much longer. I get a lot of reading done, I don't have a particularly taxing job, the benefits are reasonably good (even if the salary isn't). And, I walk to work, which is a great thing at any time, but now in particular it's a stupendous advantage. But I see my wife about 1.5 hours a day, and with her regular weekend business trips even our Friday evenings and Saturdays together have disappeared of late.

D'oh. Time to update the old resume?

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