Sunday, April 02, 2006

Le Weekend

Spring is fully established--today is our fourth straight in the 70s, and the dogwoods have bloomed. Next up are the azaleas.

Dropped in at the new Daedalus Books in Belvedere Square yesterday after shopping at the Market. Surprised to see a half-dozen former employees working there. I joked with one about "escaping" Borders, and she agreed it was a great thing, but I can't imagine any retail environment is much better than any other these days.

Daedalus escaped the labyrinth and lived, but Icharus had more fun.

Saturday night got my ass spanked at Risk. Note to Self: drive a stake through Yahtzee's heart whenever the opportunity presents itself. Don't let him linger.

Friday did nothing. I took a bath. Baths are great.

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