Friday, December 30, 2005


A touching tale of three Kurdish musicians who go on a quest from Iran to Iraq during Saddam's massacre of Kurds after the Iran/Iraq war. Surprisingly funny and optimistic, sort of like a poor man's Catch-22. My third foray into Persian cinema, and I'm going to continue the explorations.

Ok, yeah, this is a pastiche of 7, Reservoir Dogs, Momento, U-Turn, Chinatown and Saw, but the production is superb, the direction is clever and engaging, and even if you guess some of the twists ahead of time, you'll likely not get them all. Unbearably cute and cuddly--take the whole family! I watched it drinking lots of wine with Pierrot Lunaire and K'wali--Klezma didn't like the scene with the teeth and had to go upstairs for a while.

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