Sunday, December 18, 2005

Loads of Liesure

Ah, the semester is over and the Liberry threat to stay open Sundays during winter break has faded. I'm home on a Sunday for the first time since August and it feels marvelous. I can watch the news shows and read the papers at liesure, and suddenly it's the early '70s again with an out-of-control Executive Branch reading our emails and checking out lists of our magazine subscriptions and library borrowings and bookstore purchases.

Fuck reading the papers and watching the news shows.

Friday we hit the Seamus show at Mick O'Shea's--new Daddy Earthdragon and crew were on point as usual, and Earthdragon went off on his fiddle like never before. I fully expected a rendition of Devil Went Down to Georgia. The Hulk made a (thankfully) rare appearance--he and his date drank two pitchers and four pints and had a meal, and he left $20 for their $50 share of the tab. Sigh. Yahtzee and BroJ also showed. I missed the entire second set losing at darts to BroJ--and there were new numbers too from what I could hear in the back of the bar.

Saturday night was K'wali and Klezma's annual Chanamus shindig. It was very well-attended and there was a LOT of great food and assorted quality alcoholic beverages. Cha chugged a portion of some sugary bottled berry beverage and became instantly comatose, disappearing upstairs to sober up. She played with stuffed animals with an angelic child for a while before rejoining us downstairs. I chatted with K'wali's niece and one of his workmates who holds a PhD in Comp. Religion from my alma mater Temple U. Pierrot Lunaire was in rare form too--a good time was had by this pseudo-innalectual. Their party is always a multicultural fun-fest, with Indians, Persians, Jews, Chinese, African-Americans, African-Africans, Filipinos, a smattering of blends, and a handful of Caucasians thrown in for good measure.

Today Cha is working a table at some Baltimore flea market from 3pm to midnight, so I'm off to Yahtzee's to exchange gifts. I work 8-5 for four days this week and then we're closed until the 3rd. Sweet.

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